Dear suppliers,
The quality management system of MX ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING INC. (MX-EMI) is based on requirements of ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards. We ask our suppliers to assist us by ensuring the following  requirements are met for our purchase orders.

  1. Special Process Certification
    Special processes (processes that cannot be readily inspected or tested). Per purchase orders, a certification shall be issued with each shipment and must state that special process demonstrate compliance with the drawing requirements, specifications or purchase order. The certificate shall contain the signature of an authorized representative of the supplier. Special processes are determined as follows:
  2. Use of Customer Approved Special Process Sources
    The supplier shall use and direct sub-tier suppliers to use MX-EMI’s or MX-EMI customer’s designated suppliers and applicable requirements as instructed on the MX-EMI purchase order.
  3. Certificate of Compliance and Test Reports
    MX-EMI will accept a Certificate of Compliance (CofC) for all materials purchased. Test report is required for completed assemblies. These reports must contain the test/inspection stamp of the individual performing the task, or the signature and the title of the authorized representative of the supplier performing the test.
  4. Verification Requirements
    Supplier must provide adequate inspection/verification and required documentation to demonstrate that the product supplied is in full compliance with the purchase order requirements. Special requirements shall be noted on purchase order. Compliance with these requirements is subject to audit by MX-EMI.  The supplier shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required.

    • Welding/Soldering/Brazing/Laser Cutting/Wire EDM
    • Anodizing/coating
    • Plating/Electro deposition
    • Encapsulating/Potting
    • Chemical Cleaning/Milling
    • Bonding/Lamination
    • Passivation
    • Heat Treatment/Annealing
    • Other (Customer Specified)
  5. Configuration Management (Revision Controls)
    Supplier shall notify MX-EMI Purchasing immediately of any changes to the characteristics or configuration of the product and/or processes used to manufacture the product so MX-EMI can assessed current inventory for disposition. A First Article Inspection maybe required and shall be noted on the Purchase Order.
  6. Nonconforming Materials
    The supplier shall notify MX-EMI Purchasing of any nonconforming material that has been delivered and any  “use as is” or “repair” non-conformances to the requirements of any orders. “Use as is” and “repair” dispositions shall be submitted to MX-EMI for approval prior to implementation. Suggested dispositions, identification of the cause of non-conformance, and the corrective actions taken shall be submitted in writing. Further work shall not be performed until directed by MX-EMI in writing or approvals.
  7. Material Traceability
    All items manufactured under purchase orders shall be traceable. Traceability and inspection records shall be available upon request by MX-EMI or customer representatives. Identification of materials shall include, as applicable, but not limited to the following types of information: lot number, date codes, specification, etc. In any case, supplier shall record sufficient identification information to adequately identify material.
  8. Packaging/Handling Including Hazardous Materials
    Product intended for delivery to MX-EMI shall be handled and packaged in a manner as necessary to prevent damage during handling and transit or as per the specification or purchase order requirements.  Hazardous materials shall be packaged and clearly identified in such a manner as to include any and all special handling, packaging storage, environmental, or other requirements imposed by statute or regulation. Supplier may send a copy of MSDS with each shipment.
  9. Limited Shelf Life Material
    Materials with limited shelf life, supplier shall identify each item, package, or container of limited-calendar-life material with manufacture date, storage temperature, special handling conditions and requirements, in addition to the normal identification requirement of name, part number, type, size, quantity and manufacturing recommended shelf life. This identification, including special handling conditions and requirements, shall be recorded on certifications and shipping documents for the material.
  10. Quality Records Retention (Applies to all purchase orders)
    All quality records are to be legible, reproducible, and identifiable to the purchase order. Quality records are to be stored and maintained in such a way that they are readily retrievable in facilities that provide a suitable environment to minimize deterioration or damage and to prevent loss. This applies to our suppliers and any lower-tier suppliers. Retention period for quality records is 10 years unless otherwise specified. MX-EMI, our customers, government, or regulatory agency representatives shall have access to review quality records as they pertain to specific orders.
  11. Right of Entry
    MX-EMI reserves the right to review control methods and inspect material supplied to MX-EMI at the supplier’s facility and at any sub-tier facility. Access rights shall be extended to our customers and government or regulatory agency representatives. Changes to suppliers or manufacturing location may required MX-EMI assessment and acknowledgement.
  12. Awareness
    Suppliers are hereby reminded that the final product is an aerospace product; that product conformity is affected by process risk and ethical behavior and that the quality of the supplier’s product will impact the safety of the final product. Suppliers are therefore required to internally reinforce individual awareness of their contribution to the overall system of supply chain quality control.
  13. Other Requirements
    See Purchase Order for additional Requirements.


Revision date: 07/13/2018