At MX Electronics Manufacturing we understand the complexities associated with advanced electronic products based on highly confidential intellectual property with long gestation cycles and usually longer product lifecycles.

These products are often based on leading-edge technologies which require a commercialization process that’s rigorous enough to maintain IP security and data integrity but also provides flexibility to allow the design and engineering team latitude to make design changes as the product matures.

These products tend to have long lifecycles which have unique sourcing requirements such as counterfeit rejection assurance, diminishing manufacturing sources and materials shortage management.

  • A&D-expert customer-support
  • AS9100 certification
  • Integrated Quality and IP management system
  • MX-EMI lean/six-sigma best practices
  • MX-EMI design and engineering services
  • MX-EMI sourcing and supply-chain management
  • Innovation driven strategic technical investments
  • Long-term, win-win partnerships



We work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop and implement complete manufacturing solutions that meet your business challenges.

Our responsive processes and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to build your proprietary and cutting-edge products. We take them from prototyping through to full production manufacturing, quickly and to the highest quality standards.